Owner’s Ink

Angela Errett moved to Buckhannon, WV, shortly after returning from Maryland, where she was previously the lead designer and later promoted to Production Coordinator for a mid-sized print house located just outside Washington, D.C. A word from God and her longing for the beauty and majesty of the West Virginia hills called her back to the home state that she loved. She began Angelic Designs LLC and continues her passion for design, writing, and publishing. After a vision, she was called to start Glory Magazine to offer an alternative to the ‘news as usual’ and branch into Christian publishing. In 2021, Angela received her IAP Career College certificate of recognition for completing the academic requirements for a Book Publisher. She established Glory Ink to publish her projects and work with other budding authors. Angela loves to be outdoors and spend time with family in her free time. Always grateful for what God has done in her life, Angela gives all glory to Him.


Angelic Designs, based in West Virginia and established in 2005, now exclusively provides commercial design and publishing services for Glory Ink and advertising opportunities in Glory Magazine.